Recently in DANBURY— The Entertainment Football Association unveiled plans for its new Danbury team at a recent event hosted by Douglas Freeman, the league’s founder. The team is set to kick off in 2025 at the Danbury Ice Arena, featuring four home games each accompanied by a major concert.

Tommy Benizio, the consultant spearheading this initiative, touted the benefits: “What we are intending to do here is such a good thing for community culture, Beyond that, a team like this is great economically — from the tickets we are going to sell and the new jobs we’re creating to the new customers for hotels and restaurants in the area. They are all going to benefit.”” 

The summer season will offer fans a full-day experience that includes a tailgate party with celebrities, a dynamic arena football game, and a headline concert, with tickets starting at $30.

Mayor Roberto Alves encouraged local involvement: “It’s our team, and we decide its name and identity. Beginning today and going through April 26, Danbury residents can submit suggestions about a team name, they can talk about a theme, the logo, the colors — all of it is our input here”

Mike Safranek, the newly appointed team adviser and Danbury’s airport administrator, will play a key role in the team’s community integration.

Andre Reed, 7 time Pro Footballer, Hall-of-Fame former Wide Receiver of Buffalo Bills, serving as league commissioner, highlighted the entertainment value and talent showcase: “This is all about putting a good product out there — and having a lot of fun while we do it, when you have good people behind something, you get results.”

The Commisioner

Further announcements about the team name and additional details are expected in June, following community feedback.

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